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 In Life

There are Pieces that simply furnish your home,

and then there are the truly personal pieces that define it.


I’m Seth, the founder and CEO of Frame.com.

I built frame.com because I wanted a simpler way to frame. To fix the frame store.  To uncover local New York artisans and woodcrafters.   To make the transition from digital file to framed artwork as seamless and fun as possible.  So you can upload a photo and have it professionally printed and delivered to your door in a custom-built frame.  I wanted to provide beautiful frame options deserving of holding your memories.  And I wanted to do it all for way less than a store-front framer.

Since today so many of these memories exist as files on our phones, I set out to give people great quality prints at any size. So their vacations, their dogs, their families and their friends could get out of the cloud, into some great gallery frames, and onto your walls.

At frame.com, we choose our wood and our mouldings by handling each and every piece ourselves. We cut each custom-size frame by hand with care.  All so at the end of the day we could say thanks for preserving your memories with us.

From our hands to your home.

I hope you enjoy your Frame.com experience.


Seth + The Frame.com Team

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