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Think a frame has to live on your wall? Guess again. Frames large and small can live in all kinds of places.

1. On A Shelf

We love utilizing shelves for things other than just books. Slanting your framed photos and artwork against a shelf isn’t super novel. But it is a nice way to display your pieces if you’re looking for something a little bit different.


2. On An Easel

Ahhhh… the art easel. This is a great option for small intimate framed pieces. Just lean it on back, and enjoy the view.


3. On The Floor

The floor. Yes! The floor. Framed pieces look great leaned up against a large blank wall. And don’t be afraid to stack different sized frames up against one another or layer them all together to create dimension and depth in your space.

We are a custom framing company based out of New York.
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