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This is the question, isn’t it? Here are is a key thing to consider when deciding to mat or not to mat your artwork or photo.

Is your piece trendy or classic? Right now the big trend in editorial work (the stuff you see in magazines and coffee table books) is full-bleed. That’s when the image goes all the way to the edge of the page. This look is for sure having a moment right now. If your photo is also ‘having a moment right now’ in your home or office because it’s cool, highlights your fave moments from your vaycay, or captures a moment in time with your family, consider framing it without a mat, letting your piece go all the way to the edge.

No Mat


If your piece is less ‘on trend’ or of ‘the now’, or is something timeless or classic, then consider presenting it in a classic way, with a clean, simple mat. This style is always going to give your photo or art some polish and make the work look finished and considered.

With Mat

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