Photographing Kids 101

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Grandparents and family members love to receive gifts showing pics of your kids. It’s a fact.
So here is how you can capture the perfect brag-worthy photo of your cutie to be framed.

1. Be a rapid shooter.

Photograph Credit: Michael Raphan

Kids are wiggly. So shoot like crazy. Keep your finger on that button. Eventually, you will get one that works. Like maybe one out of one hundred. It sounds extreme. But you know your kids, right? Take a bunch!

2. Take a knee.

Photograph Credit: Michael Raphan

Get on their level. Literally. You want to shoot at eye level to capture the world from their point of view.

3. Be invisible.

Photograph Credit: Michael Raphan

Instead of trying a ton of poses, be a fly on the wall and just snap as they play, craft, and laugh. Candid shots are sweet and touching in ways that forced poses never are.

4. Prop your shoot.

Photograph Credit: Michael Raphan

Give your kids something to play with. This keeps them from getting too self-conscious around the camera. A favorite toy. A holiday decoration. Or even a family pet.

5. Don't worry about editing.

Photograph Credit: Michael Raphan

You can use’s editing suite of tools to crop in later. The framing doesn’t have to be perfect. Just shoot. And have fun doing it.

6. Have fun.

Photograph Credit: Michael Raphan

You are making memories after all. So do something your whole family will enjoy doing together.

Michael Raphan
Michael Raphan is a photographer based in based in Madrid and Los Angeles.
To learn more please visit his site at
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