Great Holiday Photo Gift Ideas

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Need some inspiration for what to frame for your friends or family. Here are some ideas to get you started.

That View:

That beach from your honeymoon. Those mountains from that hike. The lake from the reunion. The view that you shared was special. Frame that baby up.


 Photo by Nitish Meena

That Thing:

Sometimes the simple objets in our lives hold meaning and value beyond their everyday uses. Is it that antique car? Your mother’s old perfume bottles? This is an opportunity to re–invent the “still life” to be relevant to you and your friends and family. It’s not just about tables of fruit anymore… although….


 Photo by Erik Odiin

That Connection:

Yes. We all pose for the camera. Don’t deny it. you totally do it too. But those sweet, candid moments of connection between two friends, loved ones, kids, and pets are the best. Father and son.  Grandma and baby. Cat and crazy cat lady. It’s a beautiful thing.


 Photo by Michael Raphan

That Hobby:

You know the types. Avid outdoors-men with a thing for skiing. Knitters always tangled in yarns of every color. Musicians who dream in music notes. Party-perfect cookie bakers. Capture that activity or object that brings them joy. It’s special to them. This is a great way to show that you appreciate their hobbies and passions.


 Photo by Terri Bleeker

That Inside Joke:

This is about sharing a private moment. A laugh. Smile. Something that is just between you and yours. You can never go wrong with funny.


That Moment:

Graduation. Birth. Tying the know. These moments are milestones for a reason. They deserve a beautiful frame that does the moment justice.


 Photo by Sadık Kuzu
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